What is a MultiProcess Welder?

A welder that does more than one procedure … Some do Tig, Stick, and also Mig, as well as some do Tig, Stick, and also Plasma cut.
Tig Weld Better with a TigFinger Heatshield

There is rather a buzz going on about Everlast welders … specifically Everlast Tig welders as well as Their 3 in 1 multiprocess welder that do Tig, Stick, as well as Plasma cutting.

Why is that?

Could the reason be they are providing wonderful worth at an affordable price?

… or are they just low-cost imported tig welders that blow holes in slim metal as well as die after 10 mins of welding?

Isn’t what every person would like to know before they take the plunge and pay hard made money?

I get lots of emails asking about Everlast Tig Welders and also Everlast 3 in 1 combo welders.

If you have actually checked out a lot of my stuff, you may have checked out that I am not that big a fan of multiprocess welders. A minimum of not if that is your only machine.

That’s since most individuals that ask me are most likely to be depending upon one machine to do everything … as well as if you stay in business, that is generally not the most effective suggestion.

Why? since when you have to send it out for repair work, you are entirely out of commission.

Yet if your thinking is to buy a tig welder and basically get a plasma cutter included practically for free, your thinking may be on the mark.

Since I had actually currently done some video clips with the PowerTig 250EX, I chose to ask the People at Everlast regarding having a look at a PowerPro 256 which is a Tig, Stick, Plasma Cutter combination device.

They didn’t ask me to do the initial collection of videos on the PowerTig 250EX but the video clips ended up being pretty popular so getting the folks at Everlast to agree to send me a 3 in 1 combo welder for assessment was not tough.

I didn’t make any kind of assurances to Everlast so I am going to be as objective as I can.

So far, I have actually just bonded steel with the PowerPro 256 however I will be evaluating it on for plasma cutting, stick welding, and also tig welding lightweight aluminum very soon.

(I am most likely to reduce a bunch of holes in some 3/4″ stainless with the plasma cutter).

I bonded some steel to steel and also some carbon steel to stainless with the PowerPro 256 multiprocess welder and likewise swapped on and off with a Miller Dynasty 200 DX simply to really feel as well as see the distinction.

Besides me not such as a large torch, the PowerPro 256 did simply great. I welded with a pulse, (30 pps, 30% pulse time on as well as 30% pulse amps) as well as it had an excellent result welding near a side … I welded without pulse also and simply left the rod in the pool to cool down maintain the pool from creeping to the ege … as well as no worry there.

The arc was smooth as silk.

Keep in mind to pre-cleanup. I actually had the arc jump where I didn’t want it prior to I set the flow to concerning half a second to let the circulation settle. (i wonder if there have actually been issues on arc beginnings due to this).

Additional monitoring is that the air-cooled down torch is simpler and less complicated to connect than the water-cooled down variation but it will certainly fume if you press it like I did.

Letting it cool off every couple of mins and using the foot pedal instead of the torch button made things go better for me.

I such as the brand-new style foot pedal much better than the one that came with my PowerTig 250EX. Its a straightforward layout and also appears pretty robust. It functioned simply great as well as the style appears more practical.

The air-cooled lantern attached in mins and from the moment I obtained the welder out of the box to the moment I was welding was less than a hr … despite having circuitry up the plug. (I used a range plug ranked for 40 amps) Variety plugs are simple to discover at your regional House Depot, or Lowes.

If you are wondering why anybody would certainly go with the PowerTig 250EX when you can get a plasma cutter too with the 256 design, here is one factor …

Task Cycle … that’s the ticket. If you are going to be having all to oneself on some really thick aluminum for an actually long time, you could desire the 250 Ex Lover.

The 250EX has a greater duty cycle. 60% at 250amps.

The Everlast PowerPro 256 combo device has a duty cycle of 355 at 250 amps.

However when you consider the responsibility cycle of some other preferred tig inverters, also 35% at 250 amps is quite sturdy.