Techy, I’m not. Nevertheless, there is one gadget I almost always bring in my knapsack that has verified its worth on numerous occasions: a Garmin Oregon 400t. I bought it several years ago when I was getting ready for a hunt in Montana, yet I’ve obtained much more use from it in the South while searching whatever from whitetails to cottontails. You can get a hunting GPS here.

GPS informs you where the rest of the globe is in relation to you. While that might not seem like much, it’s a big deal if you’re searching behind-the-scenes of a wild animal management location that’s strange to you, or you’re attempting to return to your vehicle in the dark while dragging a deer. During the night, all ridgelines look virtually the same, as do all the trees in a broad river swamp.

I don’t use the Garmin at all times. If I’m hunting home ground, it’s not required. There are a lot of times when a GPS comes in handy to have, nonetheless, and also they don’t include keeping you from obtaining shed.

This is work one for my GPS, specifically if I’m hunting residential property that’s unknown to me. Utilizing the Garmin’s touch display pad, I waypoint the area I want to return to after that start walking. As I roam about, I may include other waypoints, either by using the icons supplied in the device or keying out details that determine the waypoint much better: RUBLINE, 10-POINTER JUMPED HERE, GOBBLER WING DRAG MARKS, 6 WHITE OAKS BORDERED BY PINES … etc. Not just am I able to keep in mind locations that merit future investigation, but I begin to get a composite mental picture of the land that will assist me to make decisions regarding where I may hang stands or return to pay attention for a gobbler.

Assuming I located sufficient clues when I scouted to warrant hunting a location in deer season, I’ll discover as well as waypoint trees that appropriate for stands. I think about likely wind instructions throughout the open season, my method, and other important information. I might record a waypoint and name it SOUTH WIND AM BOW, NORTH WIND PM WEAPON, or use among the icons offered, after that return later to hang a stand. Eventually, I may have five or six timbers stands scattered around the residential or commercial property. The Garmin will certainly get me to them and also back once more, in daytime or darkness. After the open season, I can eliminate the stands without misplacing their areas due to the fact that I have actually obtained them tape-recorded in the GPS. When I review the season in my mind, I may go back and also remove some of the stand sites that really did not work out, to make room for the next period.

In an excellent world, a deer decreases within a few lots of lawns of where it was hit. On the planet where I hunt, however, the deer in some cases goes a long way prior to it succumbs to keeps, as well as commonly it’s right at dark when it does. I might have to adhere to a circuitous path to reach it and wade through the water along the road. The blood trail isn’t regular, and also occasionally I lose it, but at the very least I can note the last sure sign and also use that as a recommendation point of line-of-travel. Ultimately, as soon as I do find the deer, I know how to return to the vehicle.

Oh, yeah, a portable GPS is excellent insurance coverage against this, also. Typically there are audio clues that assist us to keep our bearings: web traffic sound from a neighboring freeway, airplanes removing as well as landing at a close-by airport; trains passing on a train. When you’re searching unknown ground or huge tracts of land where such referrals are inaccessible, nevertheless, a GPS is great insurance coverage. It tells you where you are, how far you have actually been, exactly how far you’ve reached go which kind of thing. I likewise bring a Brunton compass in my pack, yet mostly for just-in-case. The Oregon 400t has a compass, but I figure if the GPS goes out, its built-in compass is most likely to also. Still, I lug two AA backup batteries.