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What’s a Multi Process Welder?

What is a MultiProcess Welder?

A welder that does more than one procedure … Some do Tig, Stick, and also Mig, as well as some do Tig, Stick, and also Plasma cut.
Tig Weld Better with a TigFinger Heatshield

There is rather a buzz going on about Everlast welders … specifically Everlast Tig welders as well as Their 3 in 1 multiprocess welder that do Tig, Stick, as well as Plasma cutting.

Why is that?

Could the reason be they are providing wonderful worth at an affordable price?

… or are they just low-cost imported tig welders that blow holes in slim metal as well as die after 10 mins of welding?

Isn’t what every person would like to know before they take the plunge and pay hard made money?

I get lots of emails asking about Everlast Tig Welders and also Everlast 3 in 1 combo welders.

If you have actually checked out a lot of my stuff, you may have checked out that I am not that big a fan of multiprocess welders. A minimum of not if that is your only machine.

That’s since most individuals that ask me are most likely to be depending upon one machine to do everything … as well as if you stay in business, that is generally not the most effective suggestion.

Why? since when you have to send it out for repair work, you are entirely out of commission.

Yet if your thinking is to buy a tig welder and basically get a plasma cutter included practically for free, your thinking may be on the mark.

Since I had actually currently done some video clips with the PowerTig 250EX, I chose to ask the People at Everlast regarding having a look at a PowerPro 256 which is a Tig, Stick, Plasma Cutter combination device.

They didn’t ask me to do the initial collection of videos on the PowerTig 250EX but the video clips ended up being pretty popular so getting the folks at Everlast to agree to send me a 3 in 1 combo welder for assessment was not tough.

I didn’t make any kind of assurances to Everlast so I am going to be as objective as I can.

So far, I have actually just bonded steel with the PowerPro 256 however I will be evaluating it on for plasma cutting, stick welding, and also tig welding lightweight aluminum very soon.

(I am most likely to reduce a bunch of holes in some 3/4″ stainless with the plasma cutter).

I bonded some steel to steel and also some carbon steel to stainless with the PowerPro 256 multiprocess welder and likewise swapped on and off with a Miller Dynasty 200 DX simply to really feel as well as see the distinction.

Besides me not such as a large torch, the PowerPro 256 did simply great. I welded with a pulse, (30 pps, 30% pulse time on as well as 30% pulse amps) as well as it had an excellent result welding near a side … I welded without pulse also and simply left the rod in the pool to cool down maintain the pool from creeping to the ege … as well as no worry there.

The arc was smooth as silk.

Keep in mind to pre-cleanup. I actually had the arc jump where I didn’t want it prior to I set the flow to concerning half a second to let the circulation settle. (i wonder if there have actually been issues on arc beginnings due to this).

Additional monitoring is that the air-cooled down torch is simpler and less complicated to connect than the water-cooled down variation but it will certainly fume if you press it like I did.

Letting it cool off every couple of mins and using the foot pedal instead of the torch button made things go better for me.

I such as the brand-new style foot pedal much better than the one that came with my PowerTig 250EX. Its a straightforward layout and also appears pretty robust. It functioned simply great as well as the style appears more practical.

The air-cooled lantern attached in mins and from the moment I obtained the welder out of the box to the moment I was welding was less than a hr … despite having circuitry up the plug. (I used a range plug ranked for 40 amps) Variety plugs are simple to discover at your regional House Depot, or Lowes.

If you are wondering why anybody would certainly go with the PowerTig 250EX when you can get a plasma cutter too with the 256 design, here is one factor …

Task Cycle … that’s the ticket. If you are going to be having all to oneself on some really thick aluminum for an actually long time, you could desire the 250 Ex Lover.

The 250EX has a greater duty cycle. 60% at 250amps.

The Everlast PowerPro 256 combo device has a duty cycle of 355 at 250 amps.

However when you consider the responsibility cycle of some other preferred tig inverters, also 35% at 250 amps is quite sturdy.

How To Use a Hunting GPS

Techy, I’m not. Nevertheless, there is one gadget I almost always bring in my knapsack that has verified its worth on numerous occasions: a Garmin Oregon 400t. I bought it several years ago when I was getting ready for a hunt in Montana, yet I’ve obtained much more use from it in the South while searching whatever from whitetails to cottontails. You can get a hunting GPS here.

GPS informs you where the rest of the globe is in relation to you. While that might not seem like much, it’s a big deal if you’re searching behind-the-scenes of a wild animal management location that’s strange to you, or you’re attempting to return to your vehicle in the dark while dragging a deer. During the night, all ridgelines look virtually the same, as do all the trees in a broad river swamp.

I don’t use the Garmin at all times. If I’m hunting home ground, it’s not required. There are a lot of times when a GPS comes in handy to have, nonetheless, and also they don’t include keeping you from obtaining shed.

This is work one for my GPS, specifically if I’m hunting residential property that’s unknown to me. Utilizing the Garmin’s touch display pad, I waypoint the area I want to return to after that start walking. As I roam about, I may include other waypoints, either by using the icons supplied in the device or keying out details that determine the waypoint much better: RUBLINE, 10-POINTER JUMPED HERE, GOBBLER WING DRAG MARKS, 6 WHITE OAKS BORDERED BY PINES … etc. Not just am I able to keep in mind locations that merit future investigation, but I begin to get a composite mental picture of the land that will assist me to make decisions regarding where I may hang stands or return to pay attention for a gobbler.

Assuming I located sufficient clues when I scouted to warrant hunting a location in deer season, I’ll discover as well as waypoint trees that appropriate for stands. I think about likely wind instructions throughout the open season, my method, and other important information. I might record a waypoint and name it SOUTH WIND AM BOW, NORTH WIND PM WEAPON, or use among the icons offered, after that return later to hang a stand. Eventually, I may have five or six timbers stands scattered around the residential or commercial property. The Garmin will certainly get me to them and also back once more, in daytime or darkness. After the open season, I can eliminate the stands without misplacing their areas due to the fact that I have actually obtained them tape-recorded in the GPS. When I review the season in my mind, I may go back and also remove some of the stand sites that really did not work out, to make room for the next period.

In an excellent world, a deer decreases within a few lots of lawns of where it was hit. On the planet where I hunt, however, the deer in some cases goes a long way prior to it succumbs to keeps, as well as commonly it’s right at dark when it does. I might have to adhere to a circuitous path to reach it and wade through the water along the road. The blood trail isn’t regular, and also occasionally I lose it, but at the very least I can note the last sure sign and also use that as a recommendation point of line-of-travel. Ultimately, as soon as I do find the deer, I know how to return to the vehicle.

Oh, yeah, a portable GPS is excellent insurance coverage against this, also. Typically there are audio clues that assist us to keep our bearings: web traffic sound from a neighboring freeway, airplanes removing as well as landing at a close-by airport; trains passing on a train. When you’re searching unknown ground or huge tracts of land where such referrals are inaccessible, nevertheless, a GPS is great insurance coverage. It tells you where you are, how far you have actually been, exactly how far you’ve reached go which kind of thing. I likewise bring a Brunton compass in my pack, yet mostly for just-in-case. The Oregon 400t has a compass, but I figure if the GPS goes out, its built-in compass is most likely to also. Still, I lug two AA backup batteries.

How To Use Spin on a Ping Pong Paddle

Table tennis is a game of inches and changes. The best gamers adapt to the style and also spin of their opponents. Even beginners quickly discover to adapt their positioning and style to counter their challenger’s favorite shots. As we create as gamers, we settle on preferred grasps, play-style, favored serves and also kinds of shots to play. There is an endless variety and also every gamer, even at the very leading level of ping pong, is one-of-a-kind in vogue.

It would make good sense, after that, that table tennis tools is very personalized. When you get beyond the timeless “tough paddle” of rec rooms and basements, there is a nearly unlimited range of paddles to optimize your game. Many gamers will certainly transform paddles a couple of times as they progress in the sporting activity, discovering what suits their game best, or what paddle helps them discover finest while they practice.

When it comes time for you to select your own tailored paddle, all of the choices between blade, grip, and rubber can really feel a little overwhelming. We’re here to assist! Killerspin has made a range of Ready-To-Go (RTG) paddles that are designed around one of the most usual play designs to aid you to settle on just the appropriate paddle for your game. Keep reading for our paddle selection guide.

Paddle Fundamentals:

A paddle is composed of 6 core pieces. There is the handle, a blade, a forehand sponge and rubber, and also a backhand sponge and also rubber. Each of those pieces can be selected to develop a paddle that is tuned to support your playstyle. Allow’s walk through exactly how to find out the best paddle for you!

Action 1 – Grip:
Exactly how do you hold the paddle? A large majority of players use a Shakehand grip. But there are still gamers, particularly in Asia, that have fun with a Penhold hold. You’ll want to select a handle that supports your grip style. Our RTG paddles are designed for Shakehand players and also be available in Flared or Straight take care of options.

Select your Flared or Straight handle alternative to your taste. Typically speaking, the Straight deal with is a lot comfier for gamers that grip the paddle a little bit extra freely, while the Straight handle is a little slimmer and also suits gamers with a firm hold.

Step 2 – Playstyle:
A paddle is eventually an extremely individual selection. Every player has a unique style as well as swing, yet there are paddles fit for basic playstyles.

So, how do you play? Are you a striking player who strikes powerful shots? A defensive gamer who makes use of positioning, perseverance and also guile to beat challengers? Or do you focus on control, choosing to place your shots thoroughly and relocate your challenger side to side?

Play a couple of games as well as take notice of your design and also choices. Or ask a buddy, instructor, or challenger to watch you play and offer you their input on your preferences as well as propensities.

These details will certainly assist you in the following couple of steps.

Step 3 – Choosing a Paddle:
The blade is the solid part of your paddle and does one of the most to establish the power rating of your paddle. Lighter, more inflexible materials produce a more striking paddle, while a much heavier paddle made from softer stuff will assist a defensive player.

If you like playing a rapid-paced game, you’ll want a blade with 5 or more layers of product. The lighter the much better, so blades that incorporate rigid-but-light carbon fiber or titanium carbon are matched for your playstyle.

Defensive gamers are best served with an all-wood blade that will certainly absorb a few of the ball’s power as well as aid slow down the game to match your design.

Tip 4 – Choosing your Rubber:
Rubbers are commonly determined in their tackiness and also their firmness. More tackiness produces more spin. A softer rubber generally creates more spin.

So, if you wish to play a slow, protective game, you’ll want a soft, gaudy rubber. If you play an attacking game, you’ll want a more strong rubber.

Step 5 – Choosing your Sponge:
Sponges are a layer that goes in between your rubber and the blade. They usually are available in 3 rankings, thick, tool and thin. A thick sponge (2.0 mm or more) usually causes a much faster, attacking paddle. Protective players have a tendency to choose thinner sponge.

The Only Paintball Revolver You Need

Are you a paintball fanatic? It is a terrific game where the gamers attempt to fire each other or the opposing team members, making use of guns which fire paint rather than bullets. Who could have perhaps believed that?

Day after day this game is ending up being extra prominent on the planet due to the fact that it is a wonderful tension buster and helps to develop monitoring skills, helps you find out team effort and get esprit de corps. It is additionally a game that calls for some amount of energetic movement, thereby helping to maintain your physical fitness.

Essential Variables To Take Into Consideration Before Getting the Finest Paintball Gun
Consider how Much are you Mosting Likely To Play
A full, as well as the most fundamental established for paintball, can cost anywhere from $70 to $120, plus omitting plastic pumps. A lot lots of shops rent out complete sets of tools which include a gun, mask, receptacle as well as a container for like $10 or $20 a day.

If you are not that sort of an individual who consistently needs to play paintball and also only call for the devices one or two times a year, then it might take at least 6 more years to pay for the price of the devices as opposed to leasing, and also already, your devices would become old.

If you plan on utilizing the whole equipment at the very least a few times in a year, then it may deserve it to spend in a reduced- budget device of your own.

Take into consideration how Much are you Happy to pay
If you are a skilled player or a novice who intends on playing paintball in the field a minimum of two times a month, after that do not consider acquiring an inexpensive weapon and also various other necessary equipment. Affordable guns are not that excellent to start with since they are neither easily upgradeable nor trustworthy.

The Brass Eagle Demonstrator is one such paintball revolver that is not that expensive and works pretty great. However do note that it is not really smooth, fast or exact as a gun. It is not the most effective gun for those that are currently specialist gamers or for those who are beginners and also wish to find out the more, technique on a regular basis.

A demonstrator is the most effective for those people that play for enjoyment, like twice or thrice in the season. If you wish to compete in events and also intend to grow as a player after that do remember that to give a difficult competition you require an excellent gun which can function fine. For that, you will certainly need to pay out some even more money.

Low-Range or a Medium-Range? Which one do you need?
If you are a newbie who is planning to proceed playing a great deal of paintball then you require to decide whether you intend to start with a lower-end or a medium-range weapon. There is a great deal of many guns offered in the market in addition to online which cost regarding $60 to $150 and also work fine for several brand-new customers.

A few of the low-end designs offered are durable, dependable, upgradeable, and also will certainly deliver well for the years to come. These sorts of weapons will run on CARBON DIOXIDE. On the other hand, if you want to acquire a weapon which costs a little even more as well as functions exceptionally well in terms of accuracy, dependability, after that, you will require to boost your spending plan a little bit much more.

The medium-range guns can cost anywhere from $200 to $300 as well as are designed to handle all the damage of a 24-hour scenario game on a speedball area. You can find the best paintball revolver if you want to spend double the cash, as well as within that range you can get the best of deals.

What can Potentially Happen if Your weapon Breaks?
Well, paintball guns can really damage after a particular amount of time or after comprehensive wear and tear. So prior to you buy a weapon, make certain to inspect how much will certainly be the overall price required to fix that gun. A weapon that sets you back $30 may set you back $18 just to change the airline of the gun.

Rather than costs on pricey repairs supplied by the same producer, you can search for those weapons which utilize parts that are made by many firms and also not simply producer.

Some professional weapons are rather delicate and also are developed in a manner that also the most basic maintenance needs to be done by a professional or an experienced weapon hobbyist.

Prior to selecting a gun for on your own just see to it to read the producer’s details find out just how difficult or very easy it is to fix your gun if it breaks. Check whether or not you can repair it yourself if it breaks down.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a popular underwater diving mode using a scuba. Scuba is a breathing gas tank that is carried by the diver into deep underwater regions which is completely independent of surface supply. The use of a scuba enables in longer diving intervals and freedom in movement. The tank consists of an appropriate mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. Scuba diving is done both recreationally and professionally across a number of platforms.


Scuba diving first originated in the 18th century as a means of exploring the deeper oceanic regions that couldn’t be visited by a human being for a longer period of time than his breath-holding capacity. Earlier, it was plain old diving but introducing the scuba into it made a huge difference. The first mercantile practical scuba rebreather was designed and built by diving engineer Henry Fleuss in 1878.  By the mid-1930s and World War 2, scuba diving was extensively used to equip the first frogmen by the British, Germans and Italians. By the 1980s, Scuba diving was widely popularized across the globe and institutions were set up to learn more about scuba diving and teach it to international students.

Equipment required

In Scuba diving, a diver most importantly carries his scuba as a backpack over his shoulders, which is fastened across the waist. Primarily he moves across the ocean in deep underwater regions using the fins attached to the legs that help in movement.  Sometimes external propulsion is provided by the diver propulsion vehicle or a sleigh pulled from the surface. One is also required to wear a mask for better underwater vision. A scuba diving suit is a must for all divers.  Equipments to control the buoyancy are attached to the diver or his suit. He must also carry a diving water-proof watch to keep track of time. The use of dive lights (usually blue as it is the least absorbent by water) ensures better viewing in almost completely dark regions.  Beginner divers are always accompanied by Scuba diving trainers after passing a physical fitness test.

Depth range and Safety

The depth range of the scuba diving depends on the application and training provided by different organisations. The major worldwide depth rage is 130ft (40m) is said to be the limit for recreational diving. However there are agencies that train divers to dive 390ft (120mts). The maximum depth considered safe is still quite controversial depending upon the water type, ocean, its original depth, sea mammals etc.

The safety of the entire diving process depends on 4 factors: the environment, equipment used, individual diver behaviour and performance of the diving team.


Scuba diving is done either for recreational purposes, technical diving, combat diving, public safety diving, scientific diving and professional diving.



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